Belief Hospital prides itself on its service to patients in the department of urology. Our urologists offer comprehensive care and work with patients to find best-individualized treatment for their urologic conditions.

Coordinated care:

Patients with urologic conditions are evaluated and managed with an emphasis on an integrated, multidisciplinary approach. All of the team members are recognized leaders in their field of expertise, and all potential therapeutic options are considered and discussed with each patient, including:

· Observation (no active treatment)

· Medical management

· Surgery

The Department of Urology at Belief Hospitals comprises state-of-the-art technology and offers highly advanced and comprehensive solutions to complex surgical problems. The department is well equipped with the latest laser and endo-urology instruments to treat a wide variety of urological problems involving kidney, urethra, urinary bladder, prostrate and adrenal gland. Minimally invasive surgical techniques are used optimally for faster recovery of patients with minimal scarring and pain.


· Endourology

· Laparoscopy

· Paediatric urology

· Uro-Oncology

· Reconstructive urology

· Female urology

· Andrology

· Renal transplantation

An Innovative Cure

An Innovative Cure

Copyright by Belief Hospitals 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Belief Hospitals 2019. All rights reserved.